Summer Renewal

Exploring Fiber Transformation 

Deepening our Experience of Color


“Colour is the soul of Nature…and when we experience colour we participate in this soul”  ~Rudolf Steiner


Led by Chris Marlow and Sono Kuwayama



Washing and carding wool, spinning with the spindle 

Dyeing with plant colors and knitting a shawl


Reconnect to the wonders of the natural world, develop new skills and enliven your creative capacities in the company of fellow artisans.


Immerse yourself in an experience of wholeness and transformation.


Find new meaning in the traditional fiber crafts


This course is open to beginners and experienced fiber artisans.

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January-December 2016

9am to 5pm

10 Saturdays

Jan 23

Feb 20

March 12

April 9

May 14

June 4

Sept 10

Oct 22

Nov 12

Dec 3


Tuition: $905  Includes materials

Sheep to Shawl

One Year Course

Immerse yourself in an experience of wholeness and transformation. Find new meaning in the traditional fiber crafts. 

This course is open to beginners and fiber artisans alike.

Summer Renewal Course

Wonder and Beauty in the 4th Grade

Please join us for our first Handwork Summer Renewal Program. 

We will look deeply into the 4th grade handwork projects and curriculum and the emerging individuality of the student at this age.

For handwork teachers, class teachers, parents and all who are interested. 

Gifts from Nature

Working with Plant Dyes and Fibers

In this workshop, we will look at the many gifts, which we receive from the natural world and explore how we can transform materials and create plant colored fibers for a variety of uses.   We will look at how the plant colors work with different fibers (silk, wool, cotton, linen and even paper)Please come prepared with an apron and rubber gloves that fit your hands.  All other materials will be provided.    

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