The Choice of Clothing

The choice of clothing can serve as an expression of our mood, our intention for the day or as a healing gesture for ourselves (in the choice of color or fiber).

In the style pages of the news this week, it has been noted how the choice of clothing worn by women prominent on the political scene can be seen as a statement, even a political statement. Choosing an American designer vs. a European designer, or wearing purple as a symbol of harmonizing the red and blue factions of our country can speak for us.

Making a political statement with our clothing can also include: wearing only clothing that is made sustainably, without a large “carbon footprint”, or wearing something handmade or that we ourselves made. Or as some admirable and determined people have taken up, we can elect to wear only clothing that we ourselves have made. This may not be an option for all of us, but it serves to heighten our awareness about clothing: our clothing habits and choices and how we are part of a global trend that either is conscious or not about the effects of the industry.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if handmade, sustainable and, of course, beautiful clothing became a widespread political statement?

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