Summer Renewal: 
“Wonder and Beauty in the Fourth Grade”-- Review and Feedback

In late July, we held our first Summer Renewal Course, “Wonder and Beauty in the Fourth Grade.” Twenty of us gathered over the course of four days and shared insights and questions we had about our fourth graders and our work as teachers. We came together in the spirit of research.

Who was the fourth grader? Where were they developmentally? Why did certain projects meet them beautifully? And what else could be offered or introduced? We worked intently for four days and shared our research and our questions. We hope that this spirit of research and sharing of ideas will continue.

A sampling of feed back from the course:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful few days of working together. Every aspect was so carefully and artistically worked through. The depth of your work, your collaborative interaction, and spirit of inquiry made the experience a stunning example of pedagogical research.”

“The lecture material was incredible and I am SO GRATEFUL for the inspiration, fire, interest that it has opened up in me – for my class, for my school and colleagues. The Peter Selg book (which had been sitting unread on my bookshelf) was such a joy/help to read. The passion/depth of study and preparation for the presentations has been an experience of leading/teaching by EXAMPLE….thank you.”

“My own empowerment as a handwork teacher was awakened.”

“I loved this course (which) came out of living Research! This brought depth and life to the materials. Thank you!!”

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