Harvesting Fall Colors- Review and Feedback

The Fiber Craft Studio had a wonderful workshop this past weekend in which Henrike Holdrege enriched our plant-dyeing activities with insights into Goethean approach to ‘color theory’.

Experiences of colored shadows, smoke in the sunlight and after images all contributed to a deepening of our understanding of color. In between, we created dye pots, striving to see the warmth and coolness of certain colors in our dyed samples of yarn. We created primary colors and then through over-dyeing, we saw the many possibilities to create secondary and tertiary colors.

The alternate rhythm of observation, reflection and then activity with the dye pots was an effective way to heighten our awareness as we worked. (see the quote from one of our participants, below). The experiences we had with color in the form of light and then dye pigment on fiber brought understanding and also many questions. We all agreed there could be much more to research in a future workshop or in our own research.

The participants left with 6 ounces of dyed yarn that were dyed with the intention to create a knitted item. We thought about warm and cool colors, color harmonies and values of light and dark colors that would be best suited for our planned projects. I look forward to seeing some of those completed projects and to continue in this way of working.

“Thank you so much again for the wonderful weekend. I think it was the first time that I was able to "feel" the color. Even though it was not the first time that I was dyeing, my relationship with the dyeing colors changed completely.”

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