Summer Renewal: 
“Wonder and Beauty in the Fourth Grade”

"At this age, round the 9th year, we should watch the child and observe how he begins to have a new experience of wonder. He wonders about everything, and enters into a quite new relationship to his surroundings....It is just in these years that we can best implant in him a sense of beauty..." ~Rudolf Steiner

We will look deeply into the 4th grade handwork projects and curriculum and the emerging individuality of the student at this age.

How can we re-enliven our relationship to this work and bring a sense of wonder and beauty to the 4th graders? Master handwork teachers Kristi Fackel (former handwork teacher at Minnesota Waldorf School) and Laura Montano(handwork teacher at the Brooklyn Waldorf School) will share their experiences and questions in researching deeply into this important time in a student's life. Master class teacher Giannina Zlatar will bring a picture of the 4th grade to deepen our understanding of the important transition that children of this age are going through. She will also bring Form Drawing to round out our research and artistic work. 

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