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Sheep to Shawl

Exploring Fiber Transformation 

Deepening our Experience of Color, Complete a Unique Hand-spun Garment or Accessory


“When you work with a hold it between heaven and earth. When you look at yarn, it is a spiral. Our galaxy seen from outer space is a spiral."

Washing and carding wool, spinning with the spindle 

Dyeing with plant colors and knitting a shawl


Reconnect to the wonders of the natural world, develop new skills and enliven your creative capacities in the company of fellow artisans.


Immerse yourself in an experience of wholeness and transformation.


Find new meaning in the traditional fiber crafts

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March-November 2021

9:00 to 5pm

10 Saturdays

Mar. 6

Apr. 10

May 22

Jun. 5


Sept. 4

Sept. 18

Oct. 2

Oct. 16


Tuition: $995  Includes materials

Join April 10 for $895


This course is open to beginners and experienced fiber artisans.

This course offers an opportunity to create a special garment by transforming wool fibers into a knitted shawl. Each participant will create a beautiful and functional piece that is imbued with healing forces and uniquely suited to his or her individuality. 


The traditional hands-on activities of washing and carding wool, spinning with the spindle and the wheel, dyeing fibers with plant-colors and knitting will be approached with a spirit of research and renewal. Background reading, presentations and conversations will complement the hands-on activities. Regular practice and study – in addition to the work in class – is recommended and will amplify the experience of this year-long journey.  

Each Saturday art and/or movement classes will be offered to accompany the handwork sessions and bring enlivening impulses to each individual as well as the group.

Tuition is refundable until 2 weeks before start of the course. Once started only studio credit will be issued.

Flow of Day

9:00-11:00 Conversation & Handwork

11:00 -12:30: Artistic work

12:30 – 2:00 Lunch

2:00 – 5:00: Handwork

I enrolled in the one-year Sheep to Shawl course in order to delve into the mysteries of spinning and plant-dyeing and the world of wool - an exhilarating and some ways daunting endeavor for me. I have been on a path of nourishing and nurturing my creativity and imagination , and am a late bloomer in my artistic development. The exquisitely beautiful space of the Fiber Craft Studio and respectful and sensitive nature of the teachers has been evident in various classes, workshops and retreats I have taken here. Due to the characteristics of the studio and of my teachers and mentors, Renate Hiller and Mikae Toma, I have bloss

omed at my own delightful pace. Thus, allowing me to experience a most amazingly rich exploration of color and nature throughout this year. I am now truly living in color, and my hands are atingle with a new dexterity and knowledge of wool in all of its manifestations.


The most amazing part of this year, has been the dyeing process from the gradual reward of sun-dyeing to the intense thrill of watching my wool emerge from a dye pot. Observing the transformation of a natural and living elements such as wool drinking in a colors  of the plants and other natural elements is a joyous event! Something that I will do for the rest of my life. The art and eurythmy classes that were offered as part of the course were essential to the study and discovery of what color truly is, I thank the dedicated and patiently doting Brigitte Bley-Swinston and Michael Widmer for their classes. Consequently, I have learned intellectually and experientially, and now beamingly and tearfully recognize myself as an artist and designer/creater.


1 year course Alumni

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