Applied Arts Handwork Teacher Program

The Applied Arts Program, a professional development opportunity for Waldorf handwork teachers and aspiring teachers, explores the art, philosophy, practice and pedagogy of teaching handwork. The course meets in the Fiber Craft Studio on the Threefold campus for two weeks each summer and one week each winter/spring for four years. In their time together, students and teachers form a learning community that supports their artistic development as well as their spiritual and practical striving. Summer 2021 classes will be in-person with an option for online classes for those unable to travel.


The schedule for each session is full-time Monday - Friday, covering five basic curricular areas: (in the event of covid restrictions, virtual sessions will be arranged)

Basic Foundations of Anthroposophy  

Presented in lecture/seminar form with assigned reading, including Evolution of the Earth and Humanity and Evolution of Consciousness Through Art.

Child Development and Waldorf Education

Including the stages of childhood, therapeutic considerations, inner development of the teacher, and working with parents and colleagues.


Waldorf Handwork Curriculum 

Focusing on two grades per year of study, covering grades one through eight, with a brief overview of Early Childhood and High School Handwork.

The Arts

Focusing on Painting, Drawing, Form-Drawing, Geometric Drawing and Sculpture. Each session also includes Eurythmy, Spatial Dynamics and/or Speech work, aimed at both personal and professional development.

The Fiber Crafts

Special focus on Spinning, Felting and Plant-Dyeing, as well as ongoing practice of knitting, crochet, embroidery and sewing.  

The opportunity to share experiences and explore questions in a collegial atmosphere is central to the process. Preparatory reading, as well as independent research and projects between on-campus sessions are considered an integral part of the course. The four-year study culminates with an independent final project by each participant.


AAP12: Summer 2021 - 2024

Summer: June 21-July 2, 2021

Winter/Spring: March 7- 11, 2022

AAP11: Summer 2019 - 2022

Winter/Spring: February 22-26, 2021

Summer: July 5-16, 2021

AAP10: Summer 2017 - 2021

Winter/Spring: March 8-12, 2021

Summer: July 19 - July 30, 2021


Cycles begin every 2 years.

Registration now open for 12th cycle
Core Staff

The spiritual and practical impulses underlying this program are carried and nurtured by the Applied Arts research council and the core faculty. 

Chris Marlow                      

10th  & 12th Cycle Director 

Nicole Nicola Rodriguez

11th Cycle Director


Dania Guido

12th Cycle Assistant Program Director   


Heather Collis Puro

12th Cycle Applied Arts Faculty      

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