Year 3: Summer Session

Spacial Dynamics III

A movement class exploring the interplay between the human being and space. Games, exercises and Bothmer Gymnastics – related to the curriculum of the Waldorf School - enhance the sense of self within the context of community.

Clay Modeling

An introduction to the formative processes of clay modeling and the basic elements of sculptural form – convex/concave, curve/angular, and wide/narrow – as a language of expressive qualities. With this foundation the students create animal and human figures with the emphasis on gesture and sculptural qualities, rather than on anatomical realism.

Foundations of Waldorf Education III

This course presents the curricular impulses of the fifth and sixth grade and shows how the main lesson blocks support the child’s development during these years. Differences in children’s learning patterns and styles are explored as well as teaching modalities that meet the needs of different children. Text: The Child’s Changing Consciousness and Waldorf Education by Rudolf Steiner

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AAP9: Summer 2015 - 2019

AAP10: Summer 2017 - 2021


Cycles begin every 2 years.

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Plant Dyeing

Plants from the Craft Studio Dye Garden and the local countryside as well as plants from tropical regions are used to create a wide range of colors. Gathering, harvesting and preparing plants to extract their color as well as washing and mordanting fibers is part of the experience. The participants are guided to explore the benefits of entering into these processes for their students and for their own projects.

Handwork: Grades 5 & 6

In Grade 5 the knitting of socks, hats or mittens brings the challenge of knitting in the round to create three-dimensional hollow pieces to protect and bring beauty to the feet, hands and head of the human being. Grade 6 focuses on doll or animal making through drawing, pattern-making, sewing and stuffing (modeling the forms from the inside-out). Attention is given to capture qualitative gestures in the animal kingdom and to arrive at harmony of color and form in the doll. In creating the clothing for the doll, knitting, crocheting and/or sewing skills are practiced and brought to harmonious, artistic expression.

Year 3: Winter Session

Eurythmy III

An introduction to the study of expressive movement related to sounds of speech, elements of poetry and music as well as to the movement gestures inherent in the world of color. Emphasis is placed on an experience of the Eurythmy curriculum of the Waldorf Schools.

Lecture/Seminar: The Evolution of Humanity through the History of Sculpture

This course begins with a history of sculpture from pre-historic time to the present. The intent is not an in-depth history of sculpture, but rather through a selection of the great sculptures of human history to enter into humankind’s spiritual evolution. The students are guided to consider the human qualities and capacities that different artists gave expression to, not only in the content but also in the style of their creations. By living deeply into this evolutionary picture, the needs of the present and future human development can be discovered. What role can the arts and crafts play to contribute to these needs, and in particular to the needs of the developing child?

What is the role of art and craft in developing head, heart and hand? What are practical reasons and methods for developing the thinking will, on the one hand, and the feeling will on the other?

Theraputic Aspects of Handwork

This course combines both theoretical exploration and handwork practice to research the therapeutic aspects of handwork. What are the needs of individual children and how can the teaching and practice of handwork bring healing? These questions are researched through presentations, case studies and discussion as well as through self-observation while engaged in various handwork techniques.

Handwork: Grades 5 & 6

In the spring session there is an expansion of the previous summer course, including seasonal craft projects. Review will bring a deepening of the 5th grade knitting skills. Grade 6 projects focus on doll or animal making through drawing, pattern making, sewing and stuffing, modeling the forms from the inside out

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