Year 1:Summer Session

Spacial Dynamics I

A movement class exploring the interplay between the human being and space. Games, exercises and Bothmer Gymnastics – related to the curriculum of the Waldorf School - enhance the sense of self within the context of community.

Lecture/Seminar: Foundations of Waldorf Education I

This course includes an introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s view of the essential nature of the human being and patterns of human development. Emphasis is on the development of the child from birth to age seven, the basic educational impulse of the Waldorf kindergarten and the nature of the child in the first and second grades. Sample lessons from the main lesson curriculum show the tone and gesture of each grade. An introduction to self-development for the teacher and ways to observe children and work with them out of Rudolf Steiner’s insights into the four temperaments are an important aspect of the course.  Preparatory reading: Balance in Teaching and Education of the Child in Light of Anthroposophy, by Rudolf Steiner.

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AAP9: Summer 2015 - 2019

AAP10: Summer 2017 - 2021


Cycles begin every 2 years.

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Painting I

An introduction to the world of color through watercolor painting. The study and application of individual color gestures and their interrelationships based on Goethe’s theory of color and Rudolf Steiner’s research brings new life to the experience of color. Through color exercises primary, secondary, tertiary and complimentary colors are explored, and the students are guided to create paintings on a variety of themes.

Handwork: Grades 1 & 2

The first summer offers an exploration of the Waldorf School handwork curriculum for grades 1 and 2 and its benefits for the developing child. In these hands-on studio courses emphasis is placed on guided individual work, sharing of questions and experiences, and on research into the spiritual principals underlying practical activities. Background reading and independent research projects enrich the students’ learning experience. In this course, the emphasis is on creating toys and other articles for daily use through knitting and crocheting. Carefully selected materials, many of them dyed with plants, are transformed into functional and beautiful pieces. In addition, small artistic craft projects as well as stories and finger games provide a rich tapestry of activities.

Year 1: Winter Session

Eurythmy I

An introduction to the study of expressive movement related to sounds of speech, elements of poetry and music as well as to the movement gestures inherent in the world of color. Emphasis is placed on an experience of the Eurythmy curriculum of the Waldorf Schools.



The craft of spinning, its history and lore and its benefits for human development are at the center of this hands-on course. Students are guided through the process of wool preparation, making a spindle and the use of the drop spindle.


Handwork Grades 1 & 2

Review and expansion of the Summer Session I course, including seasonal craft projects and crafts from a variety of cultures. The emphasis in the first two grades is on creating toys and other articles for daily use through knitting and crocheting.


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