Applied Arts Program: Cycle 9

Year 1

Summer 2015

June 29th - July 10th


Spring 2016

February 24th- March 4th

Year 2

Summer 2016

June 27th - July 8th


Spring 2017

February 27th - March 3th

Year 3

Summer 2017

June 26- July 7

Spring 2018

Feb 26- Mar 2

Year 4

Summer 2018

Spring 2019


Nicole Nicola                      

9th Cycle Director 

Nicole has been the handwork, clay modeling and drawing teacher at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia for many years. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and the Applied Arts Program. She is a member of the Applied Arts Research Council and was program director for the fourth and sixth cycles of the Applied Art Program. Nicole is a founder of the Waldorf School of Philadelphia, where she has taught handwork for 18 years.

Susan Stevenson                      

8th Cycle Lecture Courses

Susan has been teaching in Waldorf Schools since 1978. She has taught in grades 1-12 at the Chicago Waldorf School and at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia. She has led two classes from 1st-8th Grade, in addition to leading three more classes through grades 7 and 8. As a trained therapeutic eurythmist since 1981, Susan has also taught eurythmy and practiced as a therapeutic eurythmist. She has taught at the Arcturus Teacher Training Program in Chicago, focusing on elementary science, and in a program for Waldorf teachers in Milwaukee. She has given workshops and master classes for eurythmy, therapeutic eurythmy, child development and curriculum in many locations over the last 30 years. 

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